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City Business . . .

Taken from the unapproved minutes of the regular meeting of City Council, City of Scobey, Montana held Tuesday, October 20, 2020

at 8:30 a.m. at City Hall.


Mayor Danne Showers called the meeting to order with councilmen Morgan Lekvold, Scott Fishell and Paul Landeraaenpresent.Councilman Baker was absent. Also, in attendance were Fire Chief Wyatt Wilder, Public Works Director Steve Berreth, City Attorney Ben Fosland (8:33 a.m.) and Clerk Sonya M. Southland.

Public Works Report – • C& C is finishing up on

6th Street for the season, there werefreezeupsontempwater lines last weekend.

• Waiting for pipe to get here to remove temporary line going over RailroadAve. – still in the permit process with DEQ to haul out contaminated dirt

• Driveways dug up due to installing curb stops during the project are not concreted yet but passable,...