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Mask Mandate Now In Effect In Daniels County

It is week thirty of the COVID-19 restrictions. As of 10 a.m. onTuesday, Mon- tana has 15,347 confirmed

cases, with 10,172 now recovered and 4,983 active cases, 372,720 tests completed, 192 deaths, 773 total hospitalizations, and 216 active hospitalizations. Daniels County has sent over 200 samples for COVID-19 testing — 10 positive cases.

As of Tuesday morning, there were 5 confirmed ac tive cases in Daniels County, more test results were expected Tuesday afternoon, so that number has potential to change during the day.

Case #6: A female age 10-20 who is symptomatic.

Case #7:Awoman in her 40’s identified as a close contact