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Dear Editor,

Empire Builder’s Future Uncertain

The Empire Builder has been a Life-Line in Northern Montana for decades, however another cloud hangs over the Passenger Service. There is effort to re-establish the Southern Mt Hiawatha Passenger Service (terminated 1979) from Chicago to Sand Point Id, by creating the Big Sky Passenger RailAuthority. It will comprise of Counties from Dawson Co (Glendive) to Missoula Co. Once established another study will ensue, then funding and approval of the Southern Rte by Congress will be sought.

I’m not going into detail, as one can get details - log into <Big Sky Passenger Rail Service> I’m not an alarmist, but I am a realist, I would like to share some thoughts, as to what this campaign means for the Future of the Empire Builder.

Please know I have been involved in this issue for decades.

We have always had to defend the existence of the Empire Builder as Congress would cut its funding every budgeting cycle, then funding would be added back in after some real scrutinizing. It w...