Meeting Dates of County Boards And Others

Many Daniels County boards have regular meeting dates and some others meet only when necessary. Members of these various groups are among those who help keep things on the right track in this rural community.

Amongthosewithmeeting times are the County Commissioners –1stMondayand Tuesday and 3rd Monday of each month, 9:00 to 5:00 at the courthouse.

Library Trustees meet at 4:00 p.m. the 2ndWednesday at the library.

Fair Board & Association Due to Covid-19 meetings are to be scheduled as


Refuse Disposal District

is 4th Wednesday of the month, time will vary, meeting to be held at courthouse.

Airport Commission

meets last Monday of the month,8:00p.m.,courthouse.

D.C. Museum Association meeting is 4th Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m.

City of Scobey Council meetings at City Hall are the 1st and 3rd Tuesday at 8:30 a.m.

Scobey School Board

meets the 2nd Monday; April-October at 8:00 p.m.; November-March at 7:00 p.m.

Daniels Memorial Healthcare Center board of directors meet the fourth Thursday of each month, 6:00 p.m. in the Lutheran Education Building.

Cemetery District meetings are to be held 3rd Wednesday of each month, varying times in evenings.

Law Enforcement Advisory meetings are to be held at 6 p.m. every three months.

D.C. Chamber of Commerce meetings to be held the 4th Monday each month, lunch meetings at 12 p.m., location to be announced.

The various meetings of county officials, both elected and appointed, are open to the public and pertinent input from citizens can be helpful.

Carmon Here To Help Bring Tax Dollars Into D.C.

Teresa Carmon has been hired to be the Assistant Coordinator/SOAR at the CommunityResourceCenter in Scobey, which is located on the south side of the Daniels County Leader building facing Third Avenue East.

SOAR is the acronym for Social Security Disability Insurance and Outreach, Access, Recovery. It is a national program run by SAMHSA (SubstanceAbuseandMental Health Services Administration).

Carmon is in the office full-time Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. with a one-hour break for lunch. “Being the SOAR Coordinator serving widows that are 60 years or older and Veterans, I will help them navigate the Social Security system so they can get the benefits more quickly," she said. “Part of my purpose here is to help Lawrence (Rhone) to bring tax dollars back into the Daniels County community." Carmon is originally from Syracuse, New York. “I recently retired from the Syracuse Police Department as a uniformed civilian," she said. “My job job title was Community Service Officer. My last position was at City Hall, part of the mayor’s security team. By having that position I worked with people from all walks of life." After she retired in September of 2020, “Lawrence reached out to me to help bring some tax dollars to the community," she said.

She became SOAR certified in December 2020.

“There’s more going on than just getting a certificate," she said. “It’s an ongoing learning process." Carmon has two daughters, a mother and son-in-law back in Syracuse.

Her hobbies outside her new job? "I love to read." "We are a drop-in center," she said of the Community Resource Center, its telephone number is 406-487-2055. “It’s for everybody and anybody."

Blast from the Past . . .


These are Charter board members of the Commercial Club of Scobey, formed in 1957. Commercial Club, Inc still exists, now doing business as Daniels County Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture.

Vernon Hanson………………………………….. Federated Store Leland Kitzenberg……………….. Kitzenberg’s Ladies Shop Howard Getschel……………………………. Getschel’s Market Walter Vanderpan ……………………………..Monarch Lumber N. C. Wolfe ………………………………………….Wolfe Agency Edward G. Leibrand………………………..Leibrand’s Service K. G. Hanson …………………………………….Battleson & Co.

Leo Kleeman……………………….. Gambles Hardware Store Rex Kibbe …………………………………………………Jack & Jill R. V. Walker …………………………………….Walker Insurance Al Wangrud ……………………………………………….. Al’s Cafe Walter Kessler ………………………………… Kessler Jewelery

Skating,HotDogs& Hot Chocolate Sat.

Scobey Lions Club is hosting a free skating party at Fjeld Skating Rink Saturday, January 30 from 5-7. There will be skating, hot dogs, hot chocolate and music.

Rask Elected New Chamber President

Daniels County Chamber ofCommerceandAgriculture held its annual meeting and a meal, January 18 at Banjo’s.

Thebriefmeetingcovered the budget, the coming year and an election of directors.

Directors termed out were Silver Star Insurance, Handran’s Insurance, Farver Corp. The Leader’s term was also up but was reelected along with PRO Co-op, Wolfe-DanielsAgency, Banjo's Club 109 to fill the four seats. Other board members are Rose and Marie’s; Hometown Hardware; Smoke Creek Inn; Flower Bin; Independence Bank; Nemont; Daniels-Sheridan Federal Credit Union; and Scobey Plainsmen. Following the annual meeting the board met to reorganize. Tim Rask was elected president, outgoing president was Burl Bowler. Leif Handran, v.p.; Kristin Bekker, secretary; and treasurer Perry Wolfe were reelected to those officer positions. The next chamber meeting will be noon February 22 at Banjo’s. Memberships are now due. Watch for an email or contact PerryWolfe or Kristin Bekker with questions.

Basketball Tournament Dates & ….


Basketball Tournament

Dates & Locations

3C District Girls and Boys -February 17-20 – Malta

Eastern C Divisional Girls -February 25-27- Sidney

Eastern C Divisional Boys -March 4-6 in Sidney

State C Girls and Boys -March 10-13 Location TBA

RUBY ROONEY Born January ….



Born January 11, 2021 in Williston, ND to Ethan and Melissa Quinlan of Peerless, a seven pound seven ounce, 19.5 inch girl, Ruby Rooney.

Grandparents are Murray and Deanna Dighans of Peerless, Gary and Clenora Quinlan of Forsyth, MT; and great grandparents Helen Dighans of Peerless; Ruth Watson of Forsyth; Don and Ginger Quinlan of Forsyth.

Independence Bank Scholarship Deadline Approaching

The Independence Bank Scholarship application deadline is quickly approaching.

Applications for the scholarship must be received in the MSU-NorthernFinancialAid Office by February 5, 2021. The Independence Bank Scholarship is open to incoming freshman students planning toattendMSU-Northern.

To be eligible students must graduatefromahighschoolin Hill, Blaine, Phillips, Valley, Roosevelt, Daniels, Sheridan, Liberty, Chouteau, Pondera, or Toole counties. Six $1000 scholarships are awarded each year. For more information on the Independence Bank Scholarship please contact the MSU-NorthernFinancialAid Office at 406.265.3787. Six area students were the recipients of the Independence Bank New Student Scholarship for the 2020-2021 academic year and are currently attending Montana State University-Northern.

Kannon Ferestad was one of the six for the current school year. He graduated fromScobeyHighSchooland is pursuing a major in Diesel Technology. His parents are Mike and Deanna Ferestad of Scobey.

Other recipients included Reese Bulkley of Havre; Jodi Hout of Sunburst; Morgan Manthey of Sunburst; Tommy K Woods of Joplin; and Cordell Younkin a grad of Hinsdale High School.

TERESA CARMON is now working ….

TERESA CARMON is now working full-time at the Community Resource Center, located on the south end of the Daniels County Leader building (separate entrance) in Scobey and open from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. For an appointment or more information call the Center at 406-487-2055. — Leader Photo, mike

Things, Ideas & People . . .


The “new” treated water from Dry Prairie Water system, now serving the larger portion of population in Daniels County, is pretty nice. It’s more drinkable and certainly clearer than what most of us were use to in the area.

We’ve noticed much clearer bath water, almost looking blue, and the shower, bath tubs and fixtures seem to stay much cleaner.

We’ve heard from a few that it is not as “soft” but we haven’t noticed because we still use a softener for now. One other small but noticeable problem is that the water seems to be cleaning up the mineral deposit build up in pipes, valves and faucets which may eventually cause some dripping where the mineral build up was keeping water from leaking from such places.

We’ve personally experienced it in at least three incidences. At least that is what we are attributing the leaks to!

It’s nice water . . . we’ll take the minor hassles over the crud. New water mains in Scobey seemed to help clear things up as well. The water main replacement in Scobey should wrap up this summer!


Ten foods that will never expire? Sugar (not brown sugar), instant coffee, powdered milk (dried milk) if not used within 18 months then freeze it, soy sauce, popcorn kernels (100% whole grain), red wine (store in cool and dark place), canola oil, SPAM, dry beans, white vinegar. — mike


January 19, 2021 headline: According to the Buffett Indicator the U.S. Stock Market is strongly overvalued at 221%. — mike


Did you know Abraham Lincoln was the first President to be depicted on a U.S. coin, a penny issued in 1909. The penny is the only U.S. coin where the person faces right instead of left.


From our “more wind news” department concerning the enormous gusts entering the region from the northwest on Wednesday, January 13, and Thursday, January 14, we tap into the front page of the January 21 issue of the neighboring Sheridan County News. Dave and Kim Christman have an electronic wind-speed guage at their home in the rural area outside of Antelope. It had a reading of a 102 miles per hour gust! Other readings included wind gusts in northwest North Dakota of 93 miles per hour in Williston, 90 in Crosby, 85 in Fortuna, 83 in Noonan, 78 in Tioga and 77 in Lostwood and Palermo. Plentywood topped out at 82. Sheridan Electric Cooperative reported power outages near Bainville, Raymond, Redstone, Westby and the LaValley area of Plentywood.

Additional wind info was discovered in the North- ern Plains Independent weekly newspaper based in Wolf Point. It said Fort Peck Reservoir recorded a gust of 88 miles per hour, Glasgow 79, Opheim 78, Jordan 75, Malta 69, Circle 68, Terry 68, Culbertson 64, Wolf Point 63 and Poplar 61. — mike


“If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” – George Washington, first President of the States of America (April 30, 1789-March 4, 1797)


“I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.” — Estee Lauder