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danielscountyleader_20220804_daniels_county_leader_08-04-22_03_w-or9_art_8.xml danielscountyleader_20220804_daniels_county_leader_08-04-22_03_w-or9_art_8.xml
Goodness came flowing out of the people, not just of N.E. Mt, but far beyond after the horrendous damage of the July 18 tornado, wind and rain that swept through Glentana. Tornados draw the winds into a vicious funnel of destruction. But then the people of a community, far and wide, show something stronger than the funnel of a tornado. It is the funnel of love. The people gathered together with all they can after to help, clean up and begin to heal from the destruction. The people of Glentana are the recipients of the love shown by family, friends, neighbors, community. Our gratitude runs deep. Thank you!